IV Treatment Packages

Maximise your health and wealth with exclusive offers from VIVID. Make the most of exclusive pricing and limited availability. To find out which treatments best suit your body’s needs, the medical team at VIVID is available for consultations.


PM 2.5, COVID-19, the stress of WFH. Boost your health and immunity with our tailored course of immunity treatment which include nutrient drips and shots. Vitamin C protects, Vitamin D strengthens, and medical-grade ozone combats disease to leave you fighting fit.

  • 5 Immunity IV drip
  • 3 Vitamin D3 booster
  • 2 Ozone Therapy
  • THB 26,900


Life in Bangkok can stress the body in many ways – the air we breathe, water we drink and food we eat are often contaminated with heavy metals that slow our bodies down. The DETOX5 program uses an EDTA chelating agent to flush out toxins naturally. Spread over five weeks, lab tests before and after a series of IV drips show impressive results.

  • 5 EDTA chelation IV drip
  • 1 Glutathione Express drip
  • Pre and post lab tests
  • THB 24,900

Cocktail Drip Party

Who said cocktails can only be alcohol? Try our cocktail drip which is pack of all nutrients and minerals that are necessary for your body. Come with friends in a group of 4 for a private session at VIVID. Have fun with friends while achieving your wellness goals! Package includes;

  • 4 Myer's Cocktails Drip
  • THB 9,900


At VIVID, we provide miracle health solutions in one little drip bag. Test what vitamins and minerals you’re low on with a quick blood sample, then hook up to a drip and feel your body reenergise. With a course of 10 drips, you enjoy 40% savings on retail prices, and can even share with friends and family.

  • Micronutrient lab test
  • 10 IV drip of your choice (Beauty / Brain / Energy / Hangover IV / Immunity / Myers’ / Recovery / Slim)
  • 10 Oxygen Therapy
  • 10 Luminette Light Therapy